Top 10 Food Delivery Apps In The United States

The days of hunger are over. With the pandemic running across our heads, I wouldn’t set a foot outside to savor my favorite dish. Rather I’d rely on a food delivery app to meet my food cravings. With food delivery apps being super quick to deliver they also offer high discounts and going easy on the pocket.

I’m grateful for technology offering food at a click. With just a few words we can find the best dish from the best restaurant at the best price.

Best Food Delivery Service Apps

1. Door dash– DoorDash charges a universal $5.99 rate for delivery. The restaurant delivery app offers from the neighborhood sushi spot to the local burger and fries to your doorstep. You can choose from over 300,000 local and national favorite cuisines in the country. The DoorDash founded by students takes care of our needs.

Available both on Android and iOS

Discount- Avail your first order at 0$ delivery fee

2. GrubHub– The GrubHub delivery rate varies as chosen by each restaurant. Food deliveries and restaurant takeouts are available. One can avail from 50,000 eatery choices available in 1100+cities. For ordering food you can choose your likable cuisine. As you select cuisine restaurants pop up and menus crafted by delicious eateries are at a tap. Now to order you just gotta touch the screen and get food right in your hands. GrubHub also offers exclusive perks offering deals and restaurant rewards near us. We can make cash in on Perks and get up to $100s savings

3. UberEats– UberEats has touched its territories in Countries like India other than us. It is the most loved food delivery with amazing offers all the time. The delivery fee costs $4.99 and based on distance may vary. This food delivery offers you choice for nearby restaurants from both chain and local

Certain coupons are available to redeem discounts.

4. Eat24 – The delivery rate varies by every restaurant. Eat24 offers thousands of local restaurants and favorite selections of the city. Eat24 is now also available on Grubhub.

5. Instacart– The food app is available both on Ios and Android. It provides access to numerous groceries and essential items. It will provide the stuff within a day of your order right at your command. The delivery fee is $5.99. However, you have to pay 0$ if you take up the annual membership of just $149. You can order as many as food packages you want just at 0$ delivery rate.

6. The site offers you an alluring choice of the local specials along with the trendy taste both on the app and the official website. Other than every feature of different food delivery apps it also delivers laundry. One can also earn Delivery Points with purchases. You can redeem points as cash for free credits or best ‘rewards’. The delivery fee varies.

7. Munchery- The delicious-looking app makes you wanna buy the $8.95 membership. The membership will let you dive right in chilled, chef-designed meals right on time. The good feature of the food is they are reasonable than other restaurants. Munchery does charity with every purchase providing a meal to people out there in need. The food service amalgamates both a meal kit delivery service along with being the standard food delivery app.

8. Seamless- Seamless charges you a $6 fee for ordering food for delivery or yet best takeout. The options range from a zillion of venues and food catalogs nearby. They even let you avail discounts and running deals for the delivery likable. You can also avail discounts by the use of coupons present.

9. Gopuff- GoPuff offers the most reasonable delivery with a rate of $1.95. You started a movie without the snacks don’t worry Gopuff got you. You can get hands-on your munchable snacks, drinks, and ice-creams. The app gives you the liberty of choosing from various options as you relax in the atmosphere of your cozy home. Also, it is open till 4.00 am

10. Postmates– The delivery rate runs in two segments. With $1.99 – $3.99 for Partner Merchants with a green check. However, for other traders, the rates are between $5.99-$9.99. You can procure your alcohol, groceries, food from retail shops around the city. The best part about the app is them providing Postmate Unlimited just for $9.99/ month. Also, the app offers free delivery over orders of $20.

I hope you have a lovely time ordering food, enjoying warm soups, and keeping your health well.